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The Delamination Mill has been developed especially for the delamination and size reduction of brittle, hard and wear-intensive composites and other materials.

The shredded input materials enter the Delamination Mill at the top. In the Delamination Mill very strong forces act on the materials; in doing so, positively connected parts are broken apart and material composites are delaminated at the phase boundaries. During the process the metals take on a globular shape which simplifies the downstream separation and results in a high output quality and yield. A size reduction also takes place during processing.

Product Advantages
  • Developed for wear-intensive input materials
  • Excellent globular forming of metals
  • Low circumferential speed of rotor
  • Maintenance-friendly, no screwed tooling
  • Rotor change in a few minutes
  • Crash protection
  • Solid, rugged construction combined with high safety
  • Easy integration into existing plants


swissRTec Delamination Mill
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Delamination Mill

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