swissRTec is a leading provider of E-Waste, ASR and other composite material recycling plants. swissRTec engineers, manufactures and commissions processing solutions tailored to your requirements and standards. Our rugged, high quality shredding and delamination/separation plants stand out in their ability to maximize recovery and purity rates for materials such as copper, aluminum, plastics and steel.

swissRTec plants and equipment provide solutions for a variety of industries. Wherever there is a need to separate and recover high yield and quality raw material from a composite waste stream, swissRTec has the answer. From the pre shredding and separation of metals from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and copper from printed circuit boards (PCB) to recovering copper hair wires from Auto Shredder Residue (ASR) , swissRTec has the technology, expertise and track record to provide a highly profitable solution that meets your financial and operational goals.


March 2017

An exciting spring is ahead of us, please join swissRTec at following international congresses/trade shows:
March 22 to March 24
2017 IARC – International Automobile Recycling Congress in Berlin
March 28 to 29
2017 EWEEES – Congress of Eurasian WEEE Solutions in Moscow

July 2016
swissRTec sign new order for a turnkey Printed Circuit Board recycling facility in Europe.

June 2016
New state of the art facility processing the metals from Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) will be constructed in Autumn.

May 2016
New Vertical Shredding plant for the processing of meatballs and motors is now commissioned and fully operational in the USA!

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