KUBOTA Vertical Shredder

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Uniform Shredding Enhances Resource Value
The KUBOTA is a unique vertical type shredder capable of accepting various forms of waste and scrap. Employing continuous impacts, shearing, compression and frictional force create uniformly shredded products. With over 300 references operating the Kubota vertical shredder is a tried and tested technology.

Because the massive, high speed rotating breakers perform the primary shredding operation and the grinders carry out secondary and tertiary shredding, the KUBOTA vertical shredder can handle almost any material that you can name.

KUBOTA vertical shredder achieves uniform particle size through multiple stages of grinder operation. The choke rings further function size reduction.

Product Advantages
• Best ratio of size reduction in one step
• Low wear costs
• Output grain size can be adjusted, 20 to 150mm
• Metals take on a globular shape
• Disintegration of composites
• Easy maintenance; Rotor can be exchanged by crane
• Automatic foreign rejection unit (Option).


KUBOTA Vertical Shredder
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