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The core capability of swissRTec is the shredding, delamination and separation of composite materials. swissRTec achieve this utilising unique technology and systems which are constantly being developed to ensure swissRTec remain on the cutting edge. swissRTec define composites as an object made up of more than one raw material. For example waste electronics contains a variety of composites such as wires, PCB, plugs, plastics etc. The swissRTec approach is to individualise and separate these composites enabling the recovery of valuable raw materials such as copper, aluminium, plastics and steel. swissRTec offer an optimal solution for the processing of waste electronics (WEEE), auto shredder residue (ASR), printed circuit boards (PCB) and many more.

swissRTec supply turnkey plants from design through to commissioning and after sales support. Combined with the Kubota Vertical Shredder swissRTec offer a unique advantage. Material is downsized and separated in two steps, resulting in best ratio of size reduction, excellent tooling lifespan and minimal downtime. Typical plants range from 500kg/hr to 15 tonnes per hour.

Product Advantages
  • High yields
  • Perfect output quality
  • Energy and wear optimized
  • High operational availability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Capable of processing large WEEE such as washing machines
  • Visualized process control
  • High operating reliability (ATEX, CE)


swissRTec Recycling Plants
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