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Consistent size reduction
The Kubota Vertical Shredder is a unique machine capable of accepting various forms of waste and scrap. The combination of continuous impacts, shearing, compression and grinding delivers uniformly shredded particles, perfectly prepared for further handling or separation downstream.

Primary and secondary shredding in one step
Massive, high speed rotating breakers perform the primary downsizing operation and rotating grinders carry out the secondary grinding step.

Adjustable size reduction
The Kubota Vertical Shredder achieves uniform particle size through easily adjustable choking rings which determine the final particle size of the shredded material.

Main Components

Shell and shell liners

The shell of the Kubota Vertical Shredder is made of welded steel plates strong enough to endure enormous forces during operation.

The breakers mounted in the upper portion of the rotor coarsely crush bulky materials.

Several layers of gear-shaped grinders shred the crushed material into smaller fractions. Attached to the rotor, but rotating freely around their axis, the grinders slowly and uniformly wear along the periphery.

Choke rings
The choke rings assembled between the shell and the discharge ring allow fast adjustments to fit your required product sizes.

The sweepers discharge materials that have dropped through the choke rings.


KUBOTA Vertical Shredder
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